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breeding Excited to learn from you guys - I tried my first cross-pollination.

I’ve grown the same peppers for years and never really realized I might appreciate the superhots until this year. So I went all-in and started reading and learning and got excited about my 101-level education and got ahead of myself.

With no understanding at all at the time of the differences between chinense and annum or the long cycle to get to the new hybrid, I decided to castrate an anaheim flower and pollinate it with scorpion trinidad pollen. It took! …but anaheims produce few seeds and from what I’ve since learned, it will likely be sterile. - would you take up the grow space to try to grow out that f1? It’s only like 10 days old… will be a race to get ripe by the first freeze in 45-ish days.
Looking good, If that pepper indeed has the heat of a trinidad scorpion that's going to be one hot mofo! Hope she ripens for you before the frost kicks in. Let us know how you go with it =P