[EXPIRED] SUMMER SALE! 50% OFF all memberships and renewals, Extreme and Biz!

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The Hot Pepper

Our first sale in 2 years!
50% OFF all new memberships and renewals of Extreme and Extreme Biz (for businesses) membership plans all weekend long!
Code: SUMMER2021
Follow these links:
Don't forget the code!
Q. Can I re-up if I just renewed?
​A. Yes you can! You can extend it as long as you like!
Thanks for tha deal Boss; was waiting for the site upgrade before renewing my extreme membership but I couldn't resist this generous offer!!
NOW you tell me lol. How about making this retro to July 1st? :D
Seriously folks, if you use this website for ANYTHING (not just posting), you should support it to help ensure its' longevity.
Just sayin.
Hey some extra ones rolled in on the quiet tip. Thanks!
It's part of the free membership so yes plus plenty of other stuff :)

Sale is over however.
This was just the first most recent thread I found about memberships. I'll gladly pay full price. ;)

Hang on, normal membership? What's that?
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You can upload pics already is what I am saying.
Oh, yes but there was a limit before, no? Extreme membership lifted that cap?
As it is structured now, no limit.
Appreciate that. The memberships are the reason we are able to bring you the best features!
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