Extreme Biz Profile: Bold Badger Sauces

You don't use fluid ounces as your measurement?
No fluid ounces is not weight it's capacity. That's why every sauce bottle or soda bottle is the same. Think of measuring cups. Capacity.
Hrm.  Well, if my calculations are correct, and assuming sauce has the same density as water, then my method would have resulted in each bottle being about 6.1 ml light.  Although since the majority of the solids that went into the sauce themselves do float, and therefore have a lower density than water, I assume that difference would be much less.  I'll measure out 5 actual fluid ounces this evening and see how much that fills up a bottle.  In any event, I'll be sure to do it right this year.  I guess I should have paid more attention in home ec class.
I don't bother to weigh or measure the sauce.  I fill to the neck ring, so when it cools and shrinks down a bit, it is up in the neck and looks good in the bottle.  I do the same thing for the salsa tubs which typically end up at about 16.5-16.75 ounces by weight, which is more than the 16 oz on the label.  I also use a longer shrink wrap band than what is typically available from bottle sellers just to avoid the bottles looking short-filled.
And I remember the outrage when subway had 10 inch footlongs... be careful SL. :rofl:
Just wanted to update - I placed my order (without the discount code because $5 is still a good deal) and received it with no trouble a few days later.  Thus far I've only had the aji madness but it's an excellent sauce.  Really nice flavor and heat level, love the tang from the ferment and it's very well balanced.
Good work BB!   :)
Awesome man, glad you liked it.  I worry people will be disappointed with that one.  I've never had any other aji sauces so I have nothing to compare it to, but it's completely different than the rest.  I want to try making a non-fermented aji sauce and see what that's like.
I did a side-by-side comparison with 5 fl oz of water and they're definitely a bit short.  So yeah...sorry about that.  I'll just put some little 4.5 oz stickers on them, no need to alert the food police.  :)