Extreme Biz Profiles: salsalady

The Hot Pepper

Vol. 1: salsalady
Extreme Biz Profiles is a new series where you can learn more about Biz members' ventures while at the same time receiving a special offer! It then opens up to any questions you may have about their products, company history, industry hurdles, etc.

What made you want to enter the extreme market with Pure Evil?
I'd been using 1mil SHU extract in a sauce for about 10 years. Even though I didn't like the taste, it was the only thing I knew of to jack up the heat. When I found out about capsaicin powder, the wheels started turning of how to make a no smell/flavorless heat source. Thanks to those early volunteers here on THP for sampling the first versions of Pure Evil and giving me feedback and suggestions. That really helped get Pure Evil going in the right direction.
Please explain Pure Evil and the various products available and how they differ from extracts if so.
Pure Evil Capsaicin Drops are liquid capsaicin concentrates of various heat levels. Pure Evil is made using a refined capsaicin powder of 16,000,000 SHU, the purest capsaicin possible. Extracts are made using solvents and are oil based.  Extracts are dark in color, and have a strong smell and flavor which is very noticeable in foods. Pure Evil has no smell or flavor, it can be used in anything to make the food hotter without changing the flavor.
The first Pure Evil to go on the market was a 1mil SHU. That one sold well, but people said it could be a little hotter. Next out was a 1.5mil, and we've kept that one at 1.5mil to date. Soon, another company brought out a 9mil extract, so I went with a 9.6mil Pure Evil. 
The hottest one I've made to date is a 14mil SHU. That concentration is basically in crystalline form unless heated in very hot water.  It is not user friendly and was not marketable. We finally settled on a 13mil SHU. 13mil is still fairly thick, but is usable.
All our Pure Evils have been lab tested to confirm their SHUs and all have exceeded their listed SHUs.

Have you found the market to be receptive, seeing as, a lot extreme products happen to be novelty, and how do you avoid that perception?
I didn't want Pure Evil to be a novelty that collectors pay a huge price for, put on a shelf and dust. I didn't spend a lot of money on novelty packaging or developing a story to support the name of the product. The packaging I use is the dropper bottle inside a plastic pill bottle, inside a metal tin. The tin serves more for protection in shipping than just looking cool. Packaging is simple, distinctive and consistent for all the different Pure Evil products. 
Pure Evil was developed to be used. All the descriptions talk about using it in food so people see it as a useful product.  Several distilleries, beverage and food companies are using Pure Evil because it allows them to add heat without changing the flavor and it is also a consistent product. I try to keep the price reasonable so people can afford to use it, and over the years, I've had many repeat customers, most buying a larger refill bottle.

What is the best reaction you have seen or heard?
There are a lot of StoopidHuman Pure Evil videos out. People doing all sorts of stunts with Pure Evil, which is why the info sheet that comes with every bottle says "Caution! Extremely Hot! Keep away from Children and Idiots!" Most of those videos we watch, and shake our head wondering "Why?"...
The best reaction is probably the one I see at events. I mix Pure Evil into catsup or frosting for people to sample. I tell them "it adds heat without changing the flavor" and then they taste it a exclaim "wow, it tastes just like frosting". Ummmm, yea, that's the idea! 
Can we expect any new Pure Evil products or any swag, etc?
I've had several people recently using Pure Evil in topical treatments for pain. I'm playing around with some capsaicin lotions.  It seems there is a need for lotions with higher capsaicin levels than what is currently available. Might be something along those lines.

There are customers experimenting using Pure Evil in their own mixtures as rodent, beaver, deer and bear deterrent. It'll be interesting to see how they work.

¡FIERY! QUESTION: Should we change your username to EvilLady? ;)
One of my nicknames is HotSalsaLady which is abbreviated HSL. If I were to change to EvilLady would the abbreviation be HEL? :lol:

Special Offer through the month of May for THP members only! Those who order a regular 1.5mil Pure Evil either through Amazon or the Pure Evil Products website and send me the promo code "THP Rocks" will also receive a 13mil with Extra Gold in it, the novelty capsaicin powder, and some bling. PM the code to me with your name/address or include it in the comments with the order.


Btw- I didn't want to put this in the original comments, but to the question of best reactions....I wouldn't say it's the 'best' reaction, but is definitly the most original...
A recent post on YT shows a couple blokes in France, one guy drops his drawers and the other guy puts a dropper of PE down his butt crack.  OMG!  Seriously?!  WHY?!?!??
...............and now I can't find the video............
salsalady said:
A recent post on YT shows a couple blokes in France, one guy drops his drawers and the other guy puts a dropper of PE down his butt crack.
Nooooooowwwwww I know what to do with the Pure Evil you sent me, Ann! I knew there had to be SOME WAY to put it to good use without wasting it! Great idea, thanks! ;)

HI WASATCH!!!  I do remember the Bih sauce!  Wow, Sorry I was late in replying to this post.  Just saw this.  Great to see you posting.  Are you still in CO?