Extreme expiration


Business Member
My extreme just expired. I got a notification that it had expired, but I didn't realize it was closing on that time. Would there be any way to have something like a 7 day or 15 day notice before it expires?
Yes there is a way to do that but I found it more confusing since you can't renew your membership until it expires. So if we send a notice that your membership will expire in x days and you don't want it to lapse, there is no way to renew it. So you have to wait for it to expire. Which is why I have the notice set to when it expires. Let's hope the software that runs this website will fix that! Thanks!
I understand. Personally I would still prefer the advance notice but I get how it could be confusing.

Yeah that seems a bit of a design flaw. Really not that hard to fix, I could do it pretty easily and would be happy to. But it's out of your hands, unfortunately. :(

Thanks for explaining.