Extreme Membership Sale + NOW Unlimited

The Hot Pepper

Summer Special
The Extreme Memberships include Unlimited pic uploads. Previously this was a $10 add-on, but we have decided to include this in the $35 (or $100 for Biz) price.
To make this even more attractive, we are also offering a discount:
15% off all new memberships, renewals, and upgrades to Biz!
That's 15% off and Unlimited is FREE instead of $10!
The link to purchase a new membership
The link to renew or upgrade Click the purchase of your package and then click to renew or upgrade.
code: summerfun17
ends: midnight 4th of July ET
Upgrading to Extreme Biz is pro-rated.
Having trouble renewing or upgrading? Send a PM and I will create the invoice.
Q. I am currently Extreme without Unlimited, does that mean I have unlimited, or do I need to renew?
A. You need to renew, and even if you just renewed, you can still add a year and it will take effect for your current year! 
Q. I already have the Unlimited add-on, do I get any money back?
A. Offers are not retroactive, but if you take advantage of this promo by renewing (even if you just renewed you will be adding an additional year), we will add a bonus month to your membership, so you will get 3 promos--Unlimited for free, 15% off, and one free courtesy month. Requirement: An active Unlimited add-on for bonus month... simply renew and send a PM. This courtesy expires with the promo on 7/4. (Allow up to 24 hours for promos to be added.)

Please allow up to 24 hours for Unlimited to be manually added if not already part of your membership.
15% and courtesy offer will end on 7/4 but Unlimited offer will continue to be part of the membership until further notice. This is a limited time offer, but there is no plan to raise it back to the $45/$110 levels in the immediate future.
ANY issues please do not freak out simply PM me and we'll get you all fixed up! :D
I noticed the error, anyone else seeing that please hit refresh! Thanks
alkhall said:
There are only one year memberships?
Ever thought about two or three years?
You can buy one at a time, and still use the coupon.  :) Just follow the renewal link after purchase #1.
If you are interested go ahead and renew, and I will manually add your Unlimited if not on it already. Make sure to use coupon.
This will end July 4th. Get 15% off plus Unlimited FREE. Value: $45, checkout price = $29.75. Don't forget to use the coupon. :)
(That works out to $2.48 a month... to upload unlimited pics and enjoy all the benefits of Extreme)