legal FDA Regulations with Infused Vinegar

We are thinking of infusing vinegar with a few flavors and either selling those or bottling them and using them later for some interesting small batch hot sauce products.  The question I have is what regulations are in place for vinegar infusions?  It is considering an acid food (not acidified) so there is less risk, but everything I'm seeing with regulations deals with making vinegar, not infusing it.
We would be making these in a licensed commercial kitchen space, but aside from that and heating the vinegar to above 190F and keeping this sterile, is there anything else we need to do?
I'm going to talk to our health authority next week, but wanted to see if I could some ideas sooner before I start planning things out.


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Washington DC has a cottage food law that allows you to make things from home with a permit. I would look into that so you can save some money not have to rent a commercial kitchen.


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I think infused vinegars are allowed under the cottage industry rules. If you do decide to use a commercial kitchen, plan a big production day and crank out as many cases as you can.

Good luck and have fun!