Feisty Parrot Giveaway!! FREEBIES!!

Feisty Parrot is pleased to announce the arrival of their new hot sauce OUCH! :dance:
OUCH! is a tasty scotch bonnet pepper sauce, described by a friend as Bajan style, this is a simple fresh sauce that pairs well with just about everything!
To celebrate it's arrival, Feisty Parrot are giving away a :hotsauce: to THREE lucky THPers :woohoo:  :woohoo:  :woohoo:
OUCH! label final.jpg

The Competition:
:onfire: If you were dropped off on a deserted Island and allowed to take only 3 things with you, what would they be and what would they be and why? :onfire:
The last entry will be accepted at 12pm EST on 28th Feb and winners notified on 1st March 2014
Open to US addresses only (excluding Hawaii and Alaska)
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Good LUCK!
1. A knife. I think why is self explanatory 
2. A bag of books (my loop hole to bring more than 1  ;) ) Because I like to lay in the tropical sun and read.
3. A key to the underground cellar full of rum. Cause rum.  

Who needs to escape when you are in paradise?!  :cool:

All islands have a rum cellar right???
The three things would be
1.water , every living organism needs water
2.dehydrated food , need something till i acclimatize there
3.knife , just in case
1. A sailboat - so I could get home again:-)
2. A fridge full of food - so I don't starve while sailing home.
3. My husband - because I don't want to be without him and he can help sail the boat.
I know I can't participate but anyway...
Well, since said island was pre stocked with all of the food I could ever need.  ;)
I would take.
1.  Some Feisty Parrot hot sauce! So I could properly enjoy all of the food I prepared while i was there.
2.  A nicely aged bottle of Scotch. So I could properly enjoy myself while I was there.
3.  A Satellite phone. So I once I finished properly enjoying said island. I could go home.  :P
The 3 things on deserted island:
1)  Most definitely need to support sponsor of contest--so will need "OUCH" for food seasoning (and possibly wounds & defense...LOL)
2)  Knowledge and ability to create any and all things needed to survive, improve quality of life and when "vacation" time over to get off island and go on 
     another  "vacation"
3)  The Bible---enough said      :cheers:
1. Selma Hayek...you need to ask why?
2. Lots o rum mate: it's an island
3. My very own pirate ship for plunderin and I'd be makin the island me own and it would have to have a feisty parrot aboard of course
I would bring
1. Taco Bell
2. Case of assorted Feisty Parrot sauces
3. and a 21 year old smokin hot virgen I could teach and mold into a freak!
 1.I would bring a 5000 foot role of 5-50 cord.
you could make a hammock or a fish net or tie any amount of drift wood together to build a hut or a raft.
2. a solar still
that way i have a way to collect drinkable water from the sea. while on the island or at sea.
3. a very big bottle of some really good hot sauce. eating shell fish and sea slugs would suck. hot sauce makes anything better.
The 3 things I would take with me on a desserted island:
1. A spoon - All of you posting about knives seem a little odd to me.  A spoon is much better for scooping up ice cream.
2. Expandable pants - I'm going to need something that can go the distance with me on this adventure.
3.  My girlfriend - Dessert is better enjoyed with company


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1. Woodsman's Pal machete - a knife is useful but if I need to cut large pieces of wood to build shelter I'll need a more substantial tool.  And, if there happen to be any wild hot peppers (that Nigel hasn't already reviewed) on this island then I certainly don't want blisters on my hands.  A machete is a great multipurpose tool that can replace both knife and ax as well as offering a formidable defense should I meet the need to fend off an attack from a predatory cat or Justin Bieber.
2. Magnifying glass - all I need is a little sun and fire starting is a breeze (even in a breeze or when the kindling is a bit wet).  Take care of my coals at night and I'll still have fire in case it happens to be cloudy tomorrow.  And in my down time I'll reap a hell of a lot of satisfaction torturing the insects that have been torturing me while I try to survive.
3. Big spool of fishing line - Now that machete could cut a nice pole with which to spear fish, but I'd starve to death before I got the hang of that.  But it would also cut a nice fishing pole and any doofus can fish!  Hone a good edge on the tip of the blade and I could carve a usable hook from some hardwood.  I could figure out how to make some twine out of plant fibers but making a usable fishing line is a whole different animal.
(Honorable mention - an extra pair of shoes)
1. An old style wind up watch - the watch has a spring in it and I'll always have fresh water
2. A Car Door - so when it go hot I could roll down the window and let the wind blow in to cool off
3. Bear, that guy, he'd find a way to get Beer, Funyons and the ladys
Ok, what I'd really take is
1) My KBar, one of the best Knives made, well JMHO.
2) My Bow and a quiver of arrows. it's a 80lb Re-curve and will allow me to hunt, fish and protect myself. Run out of arrows just make some more. 
3) My LBV, Load Bearing Vest, it has 2 canteens and canteen cups, a Poncho, about 300' of 550 chord and several pockets for carrying additional items.