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hot-sauce Fermented Capsicum chinense sauces ?

...One of my best (and most vibrantly colored) fermented sauces I’ve ever made was with those (previously listed) ingredients, plus about a pound of Caribbean red habs. The color was incredibly bright, and it had a really nice fermented “tangy” flavor to it. I think I mailed a bottle of that stuff to @Downriver a long time ago (?). It was one of my very first fermented sauces...

...and an EXCELLENT sauce it was Mike! That's been a while, but it seems like it was so good, it moved me to write a review of it, lol.

Personally, I've been fermenting chinense for years. Paper Lantern habanero is a favorite, NagaBon as well. The Scotch Bonnets I grew a couple of years ago made an excellent fermented sauce.

So I agree with Mike, go buy some habs and give fermenting chinense a try. You might be pleasantly surprised!
In the Caribbean peppers can be grown and ate fresh year around. In Louisiana there are seasons that made it necessary for preserving peppers. Maybe that's why it's a Tradition here and not there with certain peppers.
I think this is spot on. If you look at traditions where peppers are fermented - Louisiana hot sauce, dou ban jiang, kimchi - they are in countries where there isn't a year round growing season. But in countries where chillies grow all year round (India, Thailand, the Caribbean) there isn't such a tradition of fermenting.

I also think the practice of eating Chinense is a relatively recent one - modern humans searching for extremes of experience because they no longer have to struggle to survive.