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fertilizer Fertilizers/Soils in Europe

What do you other growers use in Europe use for soils, fertilizers, and nutrients?

I'm currently using: BioFlower Urban Garden Substrate in my potted patio peppers. But only because that's what the garden center had that had a picture of produce on the bag.


I'm genuinely new to this--one season and four plants into figuring it out. I just learned what perlite was last week. But I've got some Scotch Bonnet, Fresno, and Black Pearl seeds on their way from Semillas La Palma and I'd like to make a good go at another three or four plants in the next season.
Where do you pick this up? A few places say MiracleGro does pretty well, but I've not found it for a reasonable price in Europe.
Organic tomato and berry fertilizer. It's a German product. I have been using it for a couple years now and it's quite good. It's dry fertilizer but I mix it in the water and it works. Two tablespoons to 7L gives around EC 1.5. It's quite strong stuff. I also give chili plants GHE Flora series. Also seaweed extract from the beaches.

Edit. But what comes to the soil? I like to do it myself. I use natural peat and biocharr. It's quite an expensive mix but you should get all the two ingredients everywhere. 16.66% biocharr and peat 83.34%. You get a good ratio when you mix 50L peat and 10L biocharr.
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