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Ferts 2016 grow

Hello everyone, this is my first Glog on this forum :)

This year i'll be growing:
-Lemon drop
-Brazilian starfish
-naga morich
-Red rocoto
-7pod brain strain
- 1 overwinter trinidad douglah
-1 overwinter 7pod jonah
-SB7J, soon to arrive in the post, i hope
-Aji amarillo
-ancho grande 

I currently cannot post any pictures yet since my smartphone is getting repaired, but i'll update with pictures once i get it back.
So i started my seed 2 weeks ago more or less, some have already grown a bit, and they are currently under a 125 watt CFL growing lamp in my basement.
I'll grow half of my crop in pots at my own house, and i'll use my grandfathers greenhouse and land as well, when the weather allows it. I'll probably add some other varieties since this year i'll finally have the space for it.

Thanks to trident chilli for sending the SB7J seeds my way!

I'll keep you guys posted.


-edit: forgot some varieties
Thanks coup! They are all looking pretty healthy at the moment, i learned a lot from my first couple of grows :D
Let's hope they continue to thrive!
Sup people, i'm back with some more pictures. 
I had to move a couple of my plants to a sunny window spot since there was no room left under the HPS. 



Everything has been going great here, the plants are growing nicely, and i repotted a bunch of stuff into 3l containers since they got a little bit rootbound in the smaller containers. 
Let's hope they all make it for plant out in a couple of months =)
Sorry for not updating for a while, my plants looked (and still look) like utter shit thanks to many mistakes on my part and some bugs.
But i decided to set my ego aside and give you guys some more pictures :)

Orange habanero

Interesting lemon drop that turns completely black in the sun (aka Tyrone drops)

Red rocoto

Ultra Pube

Small overview of other plants

yellow rocoto riesen (giant yellow rocoto, also ironically my smallest one)