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hot-sauce Finally got some Lucky Dog for my collection

Sizzle Lips

Mailman delivered a nice package today....its been a long time since I have added any sauces to my collection...I have always looked for Lucky dogs stuff around my parts of the globe with no luck....until now........this place is close to me and has a huge selection of sauces........    hotsaucesunlimited.com    even picked up two bottles of Pepper Norths Blueberry plague...one to eat and one for the shelf......yummy.
lucky dog.jpg
Pepper North said:
Awesome man, thanks so much for your support. George at HSU is a great guy and I always recommend people to support him also.

I have all your whole lineup of  hot sauces in my collection except the Blueberry plague ....so i figured one for the shelf and one for the fridge. :dance: