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container First Bonchi

So a straggler is coming out of sick bay, a Scotch Bonnet that was started back with my others in late Feb. Never really took off and was just left for dead on a lower shelf of the green house. Found this ceramic pot in with a box of small planters in my Granny's garage. She dabbled in Bonsai plants, mainly junipers and Jersey shore scrub brush. Haven't done any bonsai planting in 20+ years, plant up to see future roots and one covering them to retain moisture to get thru transformation. Going for a windswept style. So here's a homage to Elva my granny. Constructive criticism welcome.


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So far it's holding up well, spritzing main trunk roots and leaves along with higher humidity no visible loss. Did prune several older large bottom leaves along with a 50% root prune. Question is should the remaining larger leaves stay for now till things get established? Don't want to starve energy over form for now.