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First Carolina Reaper of the season!

Harvested the seeds and ate a sliver of it. Everything I have read about them are spot on. Fruity smell, fruity taste, basically a DELICIOUS pepper. Then…..wait for it……THERE it is! Eyes water, scalp tingle, sinuses open up, ears open up intense back of the mouth and throat heat. Did not Didn’t last terribly long. My 12 year old son is in agreement. He tried it as well, and agrees with above statement. BUT, he downed a quart of milk once it hit! I savored the flavor and heat. Still undecided if I am gonna grow next season, if not, I will have plenty of seeds to share (even if I do grow them again I will have seeds to share).

I'll agree one of the best tasting peppers, the fruity flavor at start.....then bam the heat kicks in.
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Wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. Then again, I ate a “tasting sliver” as I do all peppers I grow. Rarely do I grab a pod and just munch it down. All said though, the amount of flavor was the big surprise. The heat I expected. The flavor though, dang….delicious.

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The name in its self made me Leary of eating a whole pod, do you agree ?
I ate a 1/4 of the pod, again very tasty... then wait for it.... heat kicks in.
I'd say it's one of the most flavorful chili pods I've tried.
Ive always been a taster: slice a piece and try it. I cut longitudinally, strip the seeds (leaving placenta as intact as possibly), then take a sliver from the middle ( 1/4 inch ish cutting across the latitudinal ). I get all the flavor, all the heat, in that sliver (in my opinion).

And yes. Why yes….I have discovered the emoji gif things.

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