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First infused Anejo Tequila to enter the U.S. Hottest Tequila to enter the market.

This growing trend of heat lovers is starting to be capitalized on in different ways, which is what I am always thinking about the next product that could do something. Im sure many people have thought of, and made spicy tequila (AKA to kill ya).  
Rochester, NY – Browse the aisles of any retail store, and you’ll find hot, spicy flavors are everywhere! From sriracha mango yogurt, to habanero infused granola bars, and chocolate ancho chile spirits, Americans are thirsting for exciting, new experiences, and kicked up flavors in food and drink!
In a 2015 survey of over 1,300 American adults, Kalsec, a flavor and spice extraction company, found that 56% of consumers eat spicy foods at least once a week, with one out of four consumers eating spicy foods more often than they did one year ago.
An additional report from food and beverage consulting firm, Technomic, confirmed similar growth in demand for hotter food and drinks, as did spice company, McCormick, in their 2015 annual trend report-a harbinger for consumer food and drink preferences. Consumer insights from major brands also indicate that consumers who crave spicy foods tend to be loyal fans, as heat and spice release endorphins when consumed, creating feelings of happiness and a truly immersive experience. To meet with this demand, restaurant and bar owners are heating up menu offerings across the country.
Inspired by this “heat wave,” and an passion for high quality spirits, founder David Weissman responded to national demand by creating the hottest tequila to ever hit the US market, Soltado Serrano and Cinnamon Infused Añejo.
First Infused Añejo Tequila to Enter the US
Small batch, and hand-crafted, Soltado Tequila Serrano and Cinnamon Añejo is the first infused añejo tequila to enter the United States, aiming to become a category leader with their spicy, yet incredibly smooth, all natural spirit.
Made in Juanacatlán, a small town in the midlands of Jalisco, Mexico, Soltado is an ultra-premium, naturally infused 100% blue agave añejo tequila, twice distilled, and filtered ten times for quality. The tequila is fermented with rare Chilean wine yeast, aged 28 months in American white oak, and then macerated with locally sourced Mexican green Serrano peppers and cinnamon.
There are no artificial colors, flavors, or added sugars or sweeteners in Soltado. What you taste comes directly from nature itself.
Soltado Tequila mixes well in simple cocktails, but it’s uniquely spicy flavor profile and barrel aging make it the perfect substitute for whiskey, scotch, or bourbon in craft cocktails, as well as a stand up feature in tropical and dessert-focused drinks.
Soltado’s Growing Community
After only a few months into the market, the early community for Soltado Tequila has grown to over 20,000 fans on social media, with thousands engaging with the brand on a weekly basis. Demand is growing in major markets like New York, California, Texas, Florida, and Illinois, as well as others nationwide.
In addition to consumer demand, industry acclaim has begun to stream in for Soltado, with critics like Robert Plotkin raving that Soltado is ‘muy caliente’, and Anthony Dias Blue of Tasting Panel awarding 91 points to Soltado Serrano and Cinnamon Añejo. In 2015, the brand received Double Gold from New York World Wine & Spirits, Flavored Tequila of the Year at the BarBiz Spirits Competition, and a Silver Medal at the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers Association Convention.
As a portfolio of brands, Soltado Tequila plans to position as the leader in the infused añejo tequila category, continually developing the best on trend products for both on premise mixology, and at home cocktail creation.