first peppers of 2019 giveaway

I won!
Came home to a small USPS box from Juanito's and couldn't hardly believe it.  I never win anything.  
The box was packed too.  My wife couldn't hardly believe all the peppers in there without being squashed.

All of the peppers were flawless and fresh.  I gotta say Juanito's has some great looking pods and if anyone needs peppers that they didn't grow themselves or something for sauces or powders you need to check out their site.
My wife and I dove right into the Yellow Baquinho's and Brazilian Starfish.  The Baquinho's are definitely fruity, an awesome little pepper.  We also loved the Brazilian Starfish.  Sweet with just the right amount of heat.  Both were great for snacking' on.
Both were still crunchy fresh too.  
Thanks for the giveaway opportunity Juanito's.
I'll do an update in another forum on here about the superhots.  This doesn't seem like the right place to do it.