First snow already

Hi! I'm in Minneapolis, MN, and just started gardening this year (well, I did decades ago when I was younger too).

I grew a few peppers outdoors but didn't get to good production because it was very hot and dry this summer. A Hungarian Black and a Poblano which barely produced anything. My Fatalii was much more successful (more below), and my Aji Limon finally made a bunch of pods but too late in the season to ripen (except for one) -- and now it's been snowed on, as of this morning.

The Fatalii I grew in a 5 gallon pot outside all summer, and have moved indoors few weeks ago, under a Mars Hydro 150W LED light. At this point it has probably around 50 pods, a handful are turning yellow, but all the flowers have been dropping for the last week, even sometimes the tiniest baby proto-flowers just turn yellow and fall. The leaves look happy and the pods are ripening, so it's still a win in my book. I harvested one pod and that is some hot stuff, I love the flavor too. I'm hoping to make some fermented hot sauce.

Happy to find this forum!

- Aaron


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:welcome: from the Pacific NorthWest!


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