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video First Time Eating a Super Hot!!!! (Video) Not a fun time!!!

                            So a couple days ago I found a ripe ghost pepper on my plant. I had a strong urge to try it, so well...I did lol. I had 4 glasses of milk with a pb and j before I ate it. Soon after I ate the pepper, I had a half gallon of milk and alot of sour cream. I couldn't believe how hot it was. My stomach was in alot of pain for a few hours. My stomach couldn't handle it and vomited it all up. Very bad experience, I dont think I will ever eat a superhot pod whole again. I do however enjoy superhot powder a thp member sent me. In the end, was it worth it? I honestly dont know lol. Not many 16 year olds can say they ate a ghost pepper :)
Here is the link to the video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNmyXRnXC7E
Enjoy :D
U took that thing like a pro dude! :rofl:
Hottest I ate ever was a  cayenne so I guess I'm in for a treat when I'm doin my Ghost pepper when they are ripe then.....
Respect bro, and certainly for daring to post it here and let everyone enjoy your pain :mouthonfire:
Greetz from Belgium,
Holy crap, that was a big pepper! There is such a long way between 80k and 1million, it`s almost like a logarithmic scale in terms of effects. 
Don`t give up, just build your tolerance first. Try habaneros next
Woohoo!! Big champ right here!

I second what Nigel says. Build your tolerance and before you know it, you'll be owning the supers. Mad props to you man!

, Walter
Darn brave. I wouldn't do that. And during the video I thought you were done. You finished it. Good on Ya.

Great job! Keep up the good work.
+1 to every comment posted so far. That's a huge jump in heat and you took it like an absolute champ. Build you tolerance and before you know it you'll look back at this video and laugh. Hope to see more as you continue to explore the wonderful world of being insane like the rest of us :)
resistence if futile.
Soon, a Bhut will be a minor warmth.
Compared to some of the peppers grown by members here.
Like any good drug, every time takes more product for the same effect.
I honestly dont know lol. Not many 16 year olds can say they ate a ghost pepper :)
I'm 32 and can honestly say I have never eaten one nor would I have the balls to do it lol.
Great job young man!!! You handled the heat like a man and before you know it you will be munching on them like they were candy!

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Great video. I laughed a lot but I was also sympathetic. I feel your pain bro. I ate my first Ghost pepper just a few months ago. I swear I had a brief moment where I somewhat hallucinated. 
Balls of steel my man!  Way to go!  But don't give up on eating them whole.  I bet your tolerance has skyrocketed now since eating just that one Bhut.  Give it a go again to see just how much you've elevated it.  Another thing is, now you know what to expect from it, so you won't be caught off guard.  That goes a long way in allowing you to eat supers.


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Great job - I am so impressed!  I take little bites just to experience them a little - well seems like a lot to me.  You really took charge in spite of the pain and went after that whole thing.
ThunderChili said:
Thanks guys ;D Ill prob eat another one this weekend. I have like 11 pods on my plant lol. My tolerance has gone up a lot.
Actually, your tolerance probably hasn't changed much.
What HAS changed is you now know what to expect. Amazing what power fear has on taste buds.