First time growing peppers

Hello, I'm Jkbstnbrg.
I've been lurking this forum for a bit. found it though reddit. I have always loved spicy foods, but this is my first year growing peppers, very exited to see how it goes.
My first grows are:
- Rawits/birds eye
- Spaghettis (very excited to see how this one turns out)
- Carolina Reapers (already scared)
- Ecuadorian Red Pepper for Hell
- Trinidad Scorpian Long Sr
- PL260567
- Apocalypse Chocolate
- Habanero Neon Yellow
- Capsicum Praetermissum (didn't expect it to take a month to germinate, almost threw it out haha)
(wish I had started more less-hot peppers)

I ordered some Candlelight Mutant seeds, I know it's a little late in the season to start it now, but I am planning on keeping it indoors.

I am very interested in plants, wildlife, and plan on studying biology. I love orchids and have built up a nice collection.
I consider myself a good hobby cook, spent a year at a "culinary school" and love learning about food and how it gets from farm to table.
I live in Norway so the climate isn't much help, so if anyone has any suggestions on a good grow light that would be much appreciated.

I'm very interested in getting to know all of you, and to hopefully learn more about this amazing plant.
from the Pacific NorthWest, USA!