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breeding Fishhead Apache X

Anyone else out there get some Apache seeds from @fishhead ? Those are some frisky plants! The majority of mine have the Apache look, but a few of them really didn't.. And it was in these I found a couple treasures that made me wonder what else was out there from this stock.
I'm going to take a wild guess and say this one is crossed with Sedona Sun.. I could see this as a pickled sandwich pepper, the texture is very firm, almost like those fake rubber fruits. Not sure how they cook up, but the skin is a little chewy for fresh eating. Heat is mild, but noticeable, similar to Sedona Sun.. Shown to compare. It would have been sweet if these were deciduous-berried, like some of their sisters, I don't think they are of the same cross as the next ones. I'm assuming the true Apache isn't deciduous-berried, based on the majority of these.. Is that correct?


These next are easily my favorite.. Decidulicous, as it were. I'd love to know what this cross was, as I have two like this. These, like Xochiteco, come right off the pedicel when ripe, and are rather soft and juicy on the inside.. However, these will come off when they are just ripe(two obvious hues of red), and Xochiteco will only come free when fully ripe.

I don't know if I'll grow Xochiteco again, but these are on my list for next year. My partner calls the texture of these "buttery", because they do kind of melt in your mouth. They are hotter than jalapeno, probably closer to serrano, with a strong red pepper flavor and chili heat.

Something even more interesting about these, is most of the heat is in the skin, with the pith having much less and a flavor like green apple or those bland California market strawberries. That coupled with the soft texture and deciduous traits of these upon ripening, make me wonder if there is some Frutescens in these.


Thanks to @fishhead for these! Feel like I won a prize on a scratch off that I didn't know was even possible. And I'd love to know what your take is on the potential crosses here.