Flamin Devil

Hi, just thought I would introduce myself.
I am a passionate Chilli (pepper) grower from Tasmania, Australia.
Each year, I grow a selection of super-hot Chillies in my two poly tunnels.
We have a relatively short growing season & I am growing numerous varieties to determine how they perform.
This year, I have 23 different varieties & 135 plants growing.
A Chilli Head, for many years, I take great pride in growing the plants using no harmful chemicals.
Recently, I started a small business to sell some products from my wonderful plants.
Check out https://flamindevil.com.au/ for more information!
I also did an interview for a radio station which can by Googling "Chillies Tasmania"
Oh yeah, the hottest Chilli I have tried so far is a Chocolate Scorpion from the Hippy Seed Company.
It was way hotter than the Reapers I grew in the same year!
Cheers from beautiful Tasmania!
Flamin Devil Chillies