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indoor Flowers but no pods


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Serrano and Bell pepper plants. I have a lot of flowers, and I'm taking the time to hand-pollinate even - but I'm getting almost no fruit. Wondering where to look to troubleshoot.

Indoor, under lights and in a south-facing window, temperature hovering around 70F.
Probably needs to be just a little warmer.

Found this on Texas A&M website: https://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/archives/parsons/vegetables/pepper.html

"Q. Why do my pepper plants often bloom but fail to set fruit?

A. Peppers, like tomatoes, are sensitive to temperature. Most peppers will drop their blooms when daytime temperatures get much above 90 degrees F. in combination with night temperatures above 75 degrees F. They will also drop their blooms in the early spring if temperatures remain cool for extended periods. Hot peppers, such as jalapenos, withstand hot weather fairly well and can often produce fruit through the summer in most areas. Optimum temperatures fall between 70 degrees and 80 degrees F. for bell-type peppers and between 70 degrees and 85 degrees F. for hot varieties."
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when i had issues with my pepper to give fruit, it keept giving flowers that eventually dropped instead. my solution was to change the temperature during night a to about 60-65F and it started to get fruit
Pot size? How long did you keep seedlings in smaller containers? Maybe it's growing roots? Also night temp may be too warm. But I now have super hots growing and doing many pods. I'm surprised because they don't do that well at the start. Only thing that changed on them was that I kept them in too long small containers. My all day temp is 23-26C (73-79F).
The thermometer that's right next to them runs pretty close around 68-72F, obviously varying some day vs. night. They are sitting on heat mats, but I'm not sure how much that helps with 5-gallon buckets. The bell was brought in from outside where it produced pretty well over summer. The serrano was started mid-autum outside then transplanted before frost. It's big and healthy with beautiful green leaves and flowers, just no pods (I think I finally saw one today).

I WANT to avoid putting a space heater there for a variety of reasons. Maybe putting the heat mats on a timer to turn them off overnight will help make slightly bigger temp range.

Or maybe I'm just being too impatient..

This is the new location for my (very late) starters, which will be right next to them. Maybe the heat mats & lights on them will raise the ambient some and might make a difference.