Fluffy Bunny Hot Sauce project- bottles and bling pictures!


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Teaser pics for the Fluffy Bunny Hot Sauce project.
Sets will be up for sale this coming Sunday at 1:09AM PST.  Sets #1 and #69 will each have their own auctions, others will be up for sale for a set price. 
The back story- 
This project started out in a forum discussion about how many sauce makers use demon/satanic/evil/dark images and names for their products.  Several people said they felt those kinds of names and images were offensive and they wouldn't purchase products like that.  Someone said "Noone would buy a sauce called Fluffy Bunny Hot Sauce"  Another person said "I'd like to see a Fluffy Bunny sauce"...one comment led to another, and pretty soon, I said I'd make a Fluffy Bunny Hot Sauce "the most un-offensive hot sauce in the world", sell 'em and give the proceeds to Charity. 
The Charity I've chosen to support is Step Up For Charity  founded by chile and sauce maker pioneer Jim Campbell. 
Check it out!


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Yes, it is a PINK sauce!  I'll have full description when the auction starts on Sunday, and will be posting more pictures as they get labeled and finishing touches.  I have a couple done all the way and I think they look pretty cool. 
Trinidad scorpion chiles, 7.6mil Pure Evil..... :fire:
That wascilly wabbit...! Nice looking sauce :)
Bakers~ it's launching at 1:09AM PST . I'll be trying to keep up with 4 forums, questions, and managing ebay listings for over 60 sets. I'll post to if I can remember. It'll be promo'd in status, etc so you should get reminded easily. THanks for your interest! it's for a great cause.
I'd already had Fluffy Bunny Hot Sauce figured out and prototyped....then I found this....
RunAway! RunAway! RunAway!
That pretty much sums it up.  :rofl:
Some of the ingredients in Fluffy Bunny- Pears, onion, garlic, 7.6mil Pure Evil.......(need I say more?).... :halo: 
nmorris- nice to see you!  Thanks, hope you can get one this weekend-
JAG- yes, it's like the rabbit in the video....
LUCKYDOG-  you are a wise man~   :lol:
salsalady said:
Another person said "I'd like to see a Fluffy Bunny sauce"
That someone was me, and I have to say that I am very glad I posted that comment.  Because it completely derailed the circular argument that was going on, and turned a negative into a positive in no time.

Seriously Ann, thank you for doing this.  I just wish I could've been more involved in the creation of Fluffy Bunny Hot Sauce.  But hey, I'll still show support by ordering a bottle for my collection. :dance: 

More Teaser pictures-


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