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recipe For The Boss, BIG Stuffed Bells

I promised Boss man a stuffed pepper, and here it be.

My recipe for filling changes every time I do this, I just build it till it tastes AMBROSIA.
This time:
  1. Wild rice, one cup
  2. Basmati long grain rice, half cup
  3. Ground pork (I doctored a chub of Italian sausage), 1lb
  4. Cream of Mushroom, one can
  5. Cream of celery, one can
  6. Celery, three stalks, chopped and steamed
  7. Lemon pepper, assorted home-ground savory peppers (Haskorea, Chipotle)
The cheese list changes every time as well. Goat cheese was a go-to, but I had none at hand.
This time:
  1. Asiago, sliced (I used Cracker Barrel, perfect size)
  2. Velveeta BLANCO (do NOT knock my Velveeta, I grew up on the shit), sliced
  3. Sheep Milk Pecorano Romano (wordy for Parmesan, but Costco sells the absolute best chub of this stuff EVER!), ground fresh
  4. Shredded Mexican Blend, I had the Kirkland, but they're all the same to me
  5. Shredded Mozzarella
Cook yer rice, add yer soup & celery, spice to taste.
I always do cheese first, a layer of everything but the mozz, that's just the topping. Then a layer of filling, repeat till you get to the top.
I heap the top, then add the cap of mozzarella.

Oven set @ 350: Big peppers go in for an hour

Oven set @ 400: Cut a third off the time (I've never done 400, just something I read somewhere online, must be true then?

I suck at pictorials, mostly because I forget to take the damned photos. Here's what I got:

Stuffed Bells.jpg

Stuffed Bells2.jpg

See? I forgot so many pic-taking opportunities, like the money shot with the entire pan...The foil ring cheat works great, I used to saw the bottoms level,
I got smart.
Stuffed Bells4.jpg

And what we ate.
Stuffed Bells3.jpg

These were BEEG. I actually thought we might want seconds, but the two halves wound up lunch the next day.
I love Italiano, just not in stuffed peppers. I haven't found the right recipe yet...Maybe Tuscan next time...

There ya go Boss! Anyone else want to share theirs?