Free Bottles of NEWKS Hot Sauce For Review

I'm a small start up, been working consistently on getting my hot sauce company established.  I have 2 recipes completely finished. One is a mild, and one is a hot sauce.
I would love to send out complimentary bottles to anyone who may be willing to write a review or feature on their website / social media.
If interested, please respond here with some info about yourself, and a link to previous reviews.  Thanks so much!
Hey Newks,

I'd be happy to post some reviews here for you. THP's the only "social media" site I'm on though, so I can't help you with FB or other websites. You'd be more than welcome to paste my review on your own website, if you have one though (or I could). Up to you

Here's some reviews I've done for other members here, on THP:

I know I've done a few more here, but can't remember what threads they're in. Anyway, shoot me a PM if you're interested, and best of luck on your new venture!

You also might want to give THP member "Edmick" a shout. He does some awesome YouTube reviews for people here. He's even done a couple for me
Folks are busy with the holidays. Keep this posted, you'll get some responses soon.
I'm surprised this hasn't gained any momentum. Peter Stanley was my first thought. Send him a PM he has a great you tube channel for peppers and such. I would be no help, I don't do any social media at all.
Mikes reviews are very detailed, and if you want some feedback I definitely vouch for him. I'm not entirely sure if Edmick is still doing sauce reviews(but he should be).

If your looking for the old Siskel and Ebert style review(thumbs up or down) lol, then I'm the man for the job!

Warrantman is a wordsmith, and also a sauce connesouir.

And I'm sure I'm leaving out some people too
Newks_Hot_Sauce said:
Thanks!  I figured there'd be more responses as well - but I am okay with not sending 10 free bottles out haha.  However, I have mailed one.  Thanks everyone - Looking forward to constructive feedback!
I don't use a lot of hot sauce - more of a powder kind of guy.......Like the heat - not so much the various flavors in sauce. No request for a free bottle but thanks for your generosity!
I used to be apart of a weekly live stream with 2 other chili friends and would review all types of spicy products plus fresh peppers, though have not revamped the show unfortunately yet.
But I do know of a nice youtuber named HotSauceJunkie Tim that has a constantly growing channel and does of sauce reviews,plus all types of spicy challenges. In addition to having weekly live streams with tons of active people that like to support the community creations. Just let me know and could reach out to him if you would like.