free Free Buena Mulata seeds

I have harvested about two hundred Buena Mulata seeds from my first harvest. There's no way I'm growing this many plants! (My lovely wife would not murder me, but she might consider it.) In any case, I'm happy with the two I have, and the weather here means they'll likely keep going for a while.

I've really appreciated the warm (spicy?) welcome here and the help this forum has provided as I get started, so I'd like to pay it forward by giving away some seeds.

1 - This is limited to the EU for now to keep things simple for me.
2 - The plants have been more-or-less isolated. I don't yet have any other peppers growing on my patio. The original seed stock was from SLP earlier this year, and the plants have seemed to me to be totally healthy, if a bit stunted because I overwatered a bit and potted in pots that were too small. I've gathered and am drying the seeds that look healthiest in size/color. They should be good to mail in a week or so.
3 - I can send ten envelopes with 20 seeds. I'll update this post when they're all gone.
4 - If you want some, send me a private message. I'll cover postage for any seeds sent within Spain. For other EU countries, it's €1,50, and we can work out a way to cover postage. (Anyone here with experience on this, please let me know what has worked best for others! Paypal?)
5 - Nothing needed in return, though I'd love it if you let me know how they grow!


If anyone with more experience sees any risks/red-flags with the above, let me know! It's a first attempt for me.