FREE Extreme Membership (Value) Promotion!

I sent you a pm before I saw this, just say a surprise gift.
The Hot Pepper said:
Just make sure to send me the name and address and I can include a gift receipt type thing if you message me with what to say.
The Hot Pepper said:
Yes I will ship to you!
I always forget about international shipping.
From here on out, the offer stands for everyone, but if the shipping cost exceeds the membership fee, I will simply tack on an extra year instead. For example, if shipping is costs $36, I will add a year. If shipping costs $34, I will still send.
Thank you, I do appreciate it!
Keep it light to save on shipping.
Offer still good but will end without notice! Products left, grab em!
The Hot Pepper said:
Oh snap, I feel like I gave you the hard sell on that one, I may include a beer. ;)  :cheers:
Actually found some beer themed hot sauces that will fit the bill... ;)
All of these were sent except Mike's and the 2 international. Had some issues at PO. Will send asap (Mon/Tues).
Alright well since I have to go BACK to the post office this offer stands through the weekend for USA members... cutoff is 3:00 AM PST Sunday! Monday all goes out. BOOM! Get in on this.
yes but I live so close I usually just get impatient staring at them lol or I walk outside and stand there for 10 min and a mail truck drives by, never do P/Us