pics Friday surprise

These showed up on my work bench yesterday morning with no idea who grew them. There's a handful of us at work that grow niche peppers mainly super hots that share seeds, peppers, growing tips and garden info. Every year is a secret grow and then we secretly share our best then revealing at Halloween. So these are the ripest, gnarliest that I'll be taking seeds from and dry for seasoning.
Mask is for pulmonary safety while cutting peppers after damage from cardiac arrest. As far as taste, again the beauty of the reaper roped me into a false sense of security. How bad could a little tail be, nice citrus aroma and taste led to an immediate stinging burn on the front which led right to the throat intensifying front to back that lasted for at least half hour.
Sweet cherry flavor? Big immediate heat?...heck, now we have to wait for Halloween for someone to tell us what that thing is! 😂 😂
You are very lucky at work. At my job I'm the only one who likes spicy food...
Sucker was hiding in plain site on top shelf of beverage fridge. Very over ripe but no mold or placenta rotting at all. Very sweet aroma, like ripe Black Cherry's or a Spanish Red wine. Halved then left to
dry and save seeds but had to sample tail. No two ways about it, damn thing is just plain hot but had nice flavor before heat took over.
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