pests Friend or pest?



Found a couple of these guys on my plants one was being attacked by a spider good or bad guys?

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I smashed one and green poop I’m thinking he was eating them

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No matter what it is, it most certainly is going to want to eat before heading into it's next phase. 
What it eats is up to you. 
If you don't want to kill it, just move it FAR away from your plants. 
Check them thoroughly.  If you've already found three, there's probably more.
Dem boyz absolutely eat foliage. My routine when I find them is an azzwhoopin'. I usually poke them with a stick till they fall off, and then I stabb them repeatedly with the stick, talkin shit about they mama the entire time...

But you could probably just smush them like a regular person would.
There is no such thing as a "friend" when it comes to caterpillars on garden plants.  Not unless you are raising a butterfly garden.  That's strictly rhetorical.
A pest. 100%.  If you find a few put them in a container/bowl or plastic Tupperware etc, no lid needed.  Run some vaseline around the edge so they won't crawl out.
Put bowl outside on top of a shed or something.  The birds should polish them off super quick.