Frozen introduction

Hello all!

I am Brian, a lifelong gardener that in the last three years became somewhat obsessed with peppers. My modus operandi is to dig all available ground to insert a garden - wherever I live. Growing up in rural NC - that worked out very well! Tons of space. Since moving to Cincinnati after college, my damage has been limited to the backyard of any house I've lived in, and those of friends and in-laws!

When not teaching my kids how to garden and market items to pedestrians walking by - you'll find my wife and I teaching at our local public school. She is a science teacher and I teach special education - which allows us to be methodical about how we explain horticulture to our three daughters and the neighborhood kids. Peppers are fantastic! They keep our family busy during the summer - and this time of year - when 0 degrees F outside - the same peppers are making great gifts to friends and family in the form of sauces, flakes, powders, and spicy salt grinders! Truly the year-round gift that keeps on giving. Clark Griswold's boss should have taken notes.

I have recently been working to perfect a few hot sauce recipes - notably a fresh pepper pressure cooker recipe to satisfy those that 1.) do not care for fermented pepper taste. 2.) do not want to smell up a kitchen/house cooking a fresh pepper hot sauce. I think pressure-cooked hot sauce has the potential to be a game changer. Cook and blend outside - no family coughing and angry at Dad!
Welcome from North Carolina! My father taught school as well and I was dragged to summer school every year it seemed like where I hung out with the horticulture teacher. My spare time is spent trying to make flavor bombs that are also beautiful.
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from the Pacific NorthWest, USA!
Greetings. You mentioned using pressure cooker recipe, which is new to me. Any recipes your willing to share? I might like to try that.