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Gatlinburg Pepper Palace?

I'm going to be taking a trip to the Gatlinburg Pepper Palace after Christmas, (Yes, I'm planning it now - sad but true.) and on their website it looks like a great place, but I'm assuming it's not their entire stock, right?

Also, anyone who has been there, I'm looking for some specific sauces in addition to what's on their site - do they have any of these? I'm looking for, in order of most wanted to least:

Defcon 1 and 2

Jersey Death


and Wanza's Wicked Temptation.

Thanks in advance!

The Pepper Palace is a great store, and they make alot of their own sauces, salsas, etc. They've racked up a few golden chili's. When you walk in the door, they have about 10 different sauces in dishes with pretzel to dip. You can try a variety of their sauces up front. Their "World's Hottest Hot Sauce" was tested at a lab at UT, and comes in at well over a million SHU. Good stuff.
A personal favorite of mine is their Chocolate Habanero Hot Sauce....not the hottest (7 on a scale of 10) but wonderful flavor. They have a little bit of everything from sauce to salsa to rub to BBQ and accessories, dishes, etc.

I'll be up there weekend after next, after my second round of tests are over.
Thanks - I'm planning to be there as soon as christmas is over, probably within a week or two of it at soonest. I've heard a lot of great things from the store, and the people seem friendly.

Do you know if it carries Defcon sauces? Those are top of my buy list that I'm not sure of - I know they have all the other sauces I'm wanting now ^.^

Your best bet for Defcon is to email the Creator. He gets product to you quick. Pepper Palace has a good selection of everything...but the products vary from visit to visit. I'll be there weekend after next. Their salsas are award-winning too. Nice folks. Wear a hot sauce shirt, and you'll get a grand tour.
Heh, problem is, I can't use the internet to buy anything, period - no credit card, parents aren't willing to use it just for hot sauce (V.V), and I'm not allowed to send money via "Snail Mail" as I've heard it called. Otherwise I'd be swimming in hot sauce right now...

Also, a hot sauce shirt eh? Hmm...*ponders where to get such an item*

~Trexxen =P
The good Capt. at Cape Fear Pepper Company has great shirts, as does Blair. As for the mail, money orders work. I seem to recall you are a young lad, so I wish you luck. Get your parents to take you to Gatlinburg. You won't be disappointed. Send me a private, and perhaps I'll pick up a bottle for you while I'm there this weekend.
[quote name='Cap'n Bones']Yo staffing! I'm in Gatlinburg...I'll shoot ya an email.[/QUOTE]

Wish I could join you, Capt. What an opportunity to get to meet some of my hot sauce heroes. Unfortunately, I was there last weekend....

Say hi to Tom "the Manchild" at the Pepper Palace for me.