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seeds Germinating Wild Pepper Seeds

KevinThePepperhead said:
Ziplock bag method, is that where you roll them up in a damp paper towel?

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Not rolled.... Fold a sheet of paper towel (Or coffee filter.) and cut to fit ziplock bag. Dampen, not saturated, place in bag and keep in a warm place, watch for germination as roots will stick to towel making removal difficult, transfer to grow media when ready.


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I grew 2 types of Flexuosum this season (I'm assuming you're starting Flex's) and though a couple seeds germinated fairly quickly, within 3 weeks, in each case the majority of the seeds took over a month to germinate. For wilds with commonly longer germination times, I'd focus on sowing them into a medium that retains moisture properly and easily over time. Paper towels/ solex method germination can work fine, but can also present challenges for longer germinations.  Some people like rockwool and rapid rooters and such, but my best results have been with starter mix.
What I do:
* Soak the seeds for 24 hours in a mix of 3-9 parts water to 1 part H2O2 (The main purpose of the H2O2 is to get more oxygen into the seed for development. I usually use toward the more concentrated end with "bird" peppers. If you can, keep this water at the preferred germination temperature during the soak).
* If I'm concerned the starter mix may be compromised, I sanitize it by placing it damp in a bowl into the microwave with a lid or plastic over it to steam it (pathogen control is more important with longer germination times).
* Plant the seeds about 1/3 inch deep in a container that holds a reasonable amount of soil - somewhere between a small and large Solo cup (I want enough soil in the cup that it holds level moisture consistently and I want enough mix over the seed to pull the seed coat off).
* Control heat and humidity.  I use a heating pad inside a Coleman cooler with a thermostat, which creates a maintainable warm humid environment for the seeds. Many wilds germinate better at slightly lower temps than Chinense and Annuums, which like the 80's. For Flexuosum, I aim for temps in the upper 70's, but not over 80F.  A simple method of rubber-banding plastic wrap over the container and putting it under indoor lights on a 14/10 or 16/8 light cycle should work fine too, with reasonable ambients.
And definitely don't overwater!


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Rockwool works great for many people.  I've had success with it, just not as much as with starter mix.  If you're starting with 100% peat moss, I recommend crushing perlite down somewhat in a baggy (so it's a bit less coarse) and then mixing it about 20% with the peat.  Drainage and oxygenation are very important and that mix will work great. 
Also, I've used this starter mix before, which works very well and is only $5 at HD. I think it's essentially just peat and fine perlite - https://www.homedepot.com/p/Miracle-Gro-Seed-Starting-8-qt-Potting-Soil-Mix-74978500/204502223
I have an HTG supply within a half hour of me, so maybe I'll go pay them a visit. (That's where I got the rest of my equipment)

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