campaign GET SEEDS FROM Monster Peppers KICKSTARTER


Welcome to Monster Peppers Kickstarter, heating up the pepper growing industry to next degreeWhen you think of New York the first thoughts that comes to mind is Pizza and Bagels. Now the next thing will be MONSTER HOT PEPPERS!  This project is focus on producing hot pepper seeds. Helping you understand all the work that goes into creating them. So you can learn and grow. You will get seeds to grow the peppers yourself.Hot peppers with superior flavor and heat. Not mass-produced: We only grow and collect the best. Can be grown indoors and outdoors, and needs little space. Our commitment to consistent quality is what separates us from the industry. Making a product that adapts to climate change, is organically grown, and pesticide free.      

Please check out my project and thank you so much <3 I do apologize for not being active member of the community but hope to spend more time growing and part taking in the forums during this grow season. Best wishes - Love