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Getting in shape

First trellis of cherry maters turning color, always a welcome sight after all that care. Later yester day at dusk they mysteriously disappeared. Nothing better---


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A little help with leaf maintenance this morning, found'em on my potted basil making it's way over to one of the chili 's.


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Cubanelle's are 5"-7" and medium wall thickness. They made it thru the last three nights 36*-42* and now thru sat we'll be up to low 80's /low 60's. Starting some pink shading and ready for picking. Grandson will be over to help me harvest pods and hopefully won't eat them all. Plans are pickling most and smoking stuffed with cheese and chorizo.
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I can relate to this topic so much! I thought I'd outsmart the whole weight loss thing by starting a garden. You know, grow my own veggies, get all wholesome and fit. Turns out, it wasn't the game-changer I hoped for. I dug, planted, and watered my heart out, but those extra pounds weren't going anywhere.

Here's the kicker – my green haven turned into a bit of a foodie paradise. I mean, who can resist making a salad when you've got fresh tomatoes and crunchy cucumbers staring you in the face? But then, I'd go all out with these fancy dressings and, oh boy, the garden became a baking haven too. Zucchini bread, berry pies – you name it. The more I gardened, the more I ended up cooking up a storm.

So, my weight loss dream kind of fizzled out. But here's the thing, the garden became this chill space where I could forget about diet stress. I'd be out there, soaking up nature, not worrying about the scale. Instead of a weight-loss miracle, my garden turned into this laid-back zone where I found peace with both my love for good food and the great outdoors.