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Getting the young ones adjusted to heat

A quick update on project spicyness. It's well underway. There's still a lot of screaming, panting and snot involved, but the young one is really brave in trying it all.

Here is the black bean salsa recipe. They can make it plain, no heat, then add a little jalapeno to a small side bowl.....etc.
Salsa is now a favorite staple. We're still at the mild version, but trying medium-mild as well every now and then.

  • mild hot sauce with avocado mashed in a bowl - the avo really takes a lot of the sting out, better yet if you're making it a meal look in to doing it as a "bowl" meal that are all the rage over here. Poké bowls started it all but also really good as rice, marinaded chicken, soy beans, corn etc all mixed together.
  • chili salt popcorn
Two other new favorites are the avocado hot sauce concoction and the chili salt popcorn.

There has to be a cool factor for the full reward to be reaped.
The cool factor is working as well. We had a no-cutlery dinner and are planning a no-peaking-supper tonight where we'll be eating a curry with blindfolds.

I still want to try the pepper lemonade and recipe for some sweets mentioned in this thread.

As per @Tinkerbelle suggestion, project growing your own pepper is still going as well. Today we're repotting her pepper plants. The Poblano is still a no-show, another pepper gave up and passed away, but the Holy mole is doing great! (I have a back-up Holy mole waiting just in case hers one decides to give up for whatever reason.) I'm also gifting her a orange Jalapeño. (To throw in just a little bit more Scoville as the Holy mole virtually has nothing.)