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Ghost-face like Ghost pepper

Here's a pic from a Ghostly appearance in my Ghost peppers, I call him Casper :rofl:
peppernovice said:
  Are you sure those are ghost peppers? Almost look like habs. Face looks cool either way.
Well actually the should be Bhut jolokia yellow but they turn red... So I'm wondering myself what exactley they are.
Scince I never had the privilege of tasting a real bhut I really cant say what they are, ridiculusly hot they are for sure.
But I personally dont think they are in the 1,000,000 range (I really cant tell cause I never ate something close to 1,000,000)
Probably best thing to do is send one of them to Johnaton also a member of this board and he also lives in Belgium so he can help
with identifying and guessing heat scale, as he has more experience with superhots then me.
Your tought of them being habs could be right on the money cause I had that tought too after comparing pictures I found on semillas.de
and other sites.