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health Ghost Pepper Help

Hi Everyone,

This is not my first time growing peppers, however it is the first time I’ve only grown a single plant. I have had good luck growing in containers and it appears my luck may be running out(?)

I was given a ghost last month that was a few inches tall and wasn’t root bound. I planted in a 5g container with Miracle-gro potting mix. I waited a month to start light fertilizing with Miracle-gro perfromance organics 11-3-8 once a week. 1Tbls per gallon.

Over the last week or so I’m seeing the new growth at the top yellowing and slowly working it’s way downward. I can see green veins in the leaves still which made me lean toward a possible magnesium deficiency. This past Monday I did a foliar feeding spray with a 1/2 Tbls of epsom salt/water mix.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t helped. I‘m hoping for some insight from you guys/gals on what to do next.

The plant overall looks healthy, not drooping or anything, just yellow overall. (Noticed a bit of curling this morning though)

Thanks in advance, please let me know if you have any questions too. Frustrating as it’s the only pepper I have this season.