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Ghost Pepper ?

ok bought this pepper was suppose to a Ghost pepper
Not offering an immediate solution is not good. Reorder with them in spring? Sounds like, give me money, and I'll give you the correct plants (and do you trust that anyway?). Also by then, they could be out of biz. Sorry, but does not sound good.
they say this may be Cow Horn pepper also asked if I using them for sauce I told them I been using them to help with diabetic nerve pain they offer some pods if I needed them
I think I will buy seeds and start my own for next year the reapers was suppose to be the red ones but I see here there are chocolate and yelllow ones and are there different ghost peppers or just one type and can anyone recomend a good vender that sells these
Any good vendor would offer an immediate solution. Saying buy from me next year and I'll make it good is not good. The fact they bring up that they would have to do this for 10,000 orders does not help their case. That just shows how many orders they screwed up. (PS that number is BULL they barely have any mention on the net.)
Demand refund. If not, take appropriate action, or chalk up loss. Thanks for letting us know. If they read this and want to repair their rep, then, great.
frdlturner said:
are there different ghost peppers or just one type and can anyone recomend a good vender that sells these
There are many different colors and variants of ghost pepper. There is red, chocolate, yellow, peach, white and even purple. Also other variants like the Bhut Indian Carbon. Then there are ghost pepper crosses like the Brazilian Ghost and the various Bhutlahs. The world of hot peppers really offers tons of options these days. But the basic red Bhut Jolokia is the famous one that most people mean when they talk about a ghost pepper.
Anyway, if you want a vendor that sells both seeds and fresh pods, AJ Drew has good stuff: http://www.peppersbymail.com/product-category/fresh-peppers/
If you just want seeds, Justin at White Hot Peppers has a large selection, including some pretty rare and unusual varieties: https://www.whitehotpeppers.com/collections/all-pepper-seeds
Both of these vendors are members here and have good reputations. You can check their feedback in the Vendor Vault and see for yourself.
I think sharing seeds in forum is the way to go. By October I have more seeds than I can ever use. By April, any seeds I haven't planted/germinated, I throw away. I don't have good success with 2+ year old seeds. I get about 75% germination from my seeds and about 20% or less from online seed companies.
That's why I joined this forum. I hope to share good seeds in hope to get better plants and more varieties.
frdlturner said:
ok got a response from them
hi I ordered 6 ghost and 6 Carolina reaper pepper plants on feb 10 the peppers on all of them look like cayenne
Dear Mr Turner, Most people that ordered from us know know that the seed seller Shipped us the wrong seeds,, sorry for the problem We shipped out 50,000 of the wrong plants and trusted the seed company , I filed a complaint with the USDA And they shut the seeds company down, they sent the same seeds to tree other growers. All I can offer is replacement Plants In spring if you Place a order with me. I can't afford to reship 10,000 orders or I would. Thank you Angie
Ok I understand I wanted to let you know and your phone number on your web page says its diconnected I tried calling if you have a new number could you change it on site
Thanks for letting me know.. I had to change the number when I dropped charter last week, New number is 314 735 6218 I will change it on the site when I get home. Thank you again. Now I am growing my own seeds so this doesn't happen again
that's good thank you
They most likely ordered those 200 "Carolina Reaper" seeds for $0.25 from aliexpress