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Ghosts? Nagabon?

Hi guys, Im hoping that you can help me out with this little problem that I'm having.
This is my first year growing hots and exotics so I have never had the opportunity to see or taste them raw. When I started my chillis this year the wind blew my trays over (had a hectic storm) and some of my jiffy pellets from DIFFERENT varieties fell out and they got mixed up :( I thought that I had managed to correctly identify most of them but it seems that I have either made a mistake or that my packet of ghost peppers came from plants that had some cross pollination going on (I bought these as a commercial seed packet from the local nursery, so it wasnt from a knows reputable online seller).
Now just a heads up, I think the chances of dodgy seeds from my ghost packet might be fairly high. I had one plant (which i removed from the garden a while ago) which was also meant to be a ghost but had ZERO heat. Tasted like a bell pepper. I definitely am not currently growing anything like this so regardless of what it really was, it should not have been growing between the ghost plants.
Going by what I had in my trays the only two possibilities should be: Ghost pepper and Nagabon (bought this from a reputable seller) but I have 4 different looking peppers....
This one below looks like the Nagabon photos from the sellers web site where I bought the seeds. It does not look like from photos that I have been able to find on google though. to my taste buds (limited experience unfortunately) its has similarities to a habanero and the smell also reminds me of it.

This one looks like the photos that I have been able to find on google for a nagabon but I was fairly sure that it was a ghost pepper plant initially. It seems a bit fatter and the skin is fairly smooth unlike what a ghost should be? The taste to me is similar to the one above but it felt hotter. But not what I was expecting from a ghost pepper.

These ones below look like what I think a ghost should look like. Cant see well in the photo but they have the wrinkly skin. (they are a little skinny but I'm blaming sub optimal sunlight and overcrowding of the plants). They are also extremely hot

These below I spotted on one of the plants today. They dont look like any of the others but maybe the 1st/nagabon is the closest resemblance? Cant comment on taste as I dont have any ripe ones yet. From the photo it does look a bit like a habanero, but I did not plant any habanero seeds this year.

Hopefully someone can give some input here..... End of the day for me though, they all taste great but would just be nice to know what Im eating :D