Give me a hand with Notifications

I installed something called Web Push notifications.  It does not work with Internet Edge yet, but most other browsers like firefox seem to work fine.  I is really easy.  If your browser works with it, you will see a Red Bell in the lower right corner.  Click on it to subscribe click on it to unsubscribe.  No email needed, it works threw your browser software.
In theory, I will be using it this summer to let folk know when fresh peppers come in stock.  One of the biggest complaints I have early summer is I post something saying something is in stock, then people go to the online store and it is already sold out.  Then they get grumpy.  So instead of posting articles, I am going to send notifications.
Right now if you subscribe, you will get messages saying something like This is a Test.  If you got this message, please let me know.  After that, you will get notifications when i publish another article but nothing hot and heavy till early summer.  Remember, you can turn it on and off as you please.
So if you want to help a guy out, please subscribe and let me know when you get test messages.