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contest Gnarliest Pod! September 2021

The Hot Pepper

Who grew the Gnarliest Pod?

That bumpy, gnarled, nasty pod that promises instant regret? Post it!
One pod per pic. One pic per post. On plant or harvested. Post pepper type and any additional info. Enter as many times as you want.

"twisted trees and gnarly roots"
difficult, dangerous, or challenging.

Gnarliest pod by number of upvotes wins! You may like, love etc. but don't forget to upvote the post (arrow) to vote! Play fair!

Enter through September EDT.
September's winner will receive:
Extreme Membership or renewal. :dance:

gnarly pod contest.png

"bhut_jolokia" by laughingshaman is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Look like some great peppers! Not super gnarly, keep looking! 😁🏄‍♀️
I had the bottom half of reaper #2 in a pot of soup. It seemed to take quite awhile to fully kick in but the mouth and tongue burn was intense. It didn’t seem to give me coughing or sneezing etc but it was definitely hotter than a ghost for an equivalent volume. Flavour wise I got a chinense flavour that reminded me of scotch bonnets or habaneros.