dehydrators Got a small batch dehydrated and......

Now I have the dried pieces in separate zip lock bags. One bag for my Habaneros, One bag for my Reapers, etc....

They're nice and crunchy now. They snap easily. I have gotten as much air out of the bags as possible and I am wondering what I should do with the bags while I wait for the rest of my crop to ripen so I can harvest.

Bottom line: I'd like to only "blend in the coffee grinder for spice" once...... (one time for each strain of course) , So should I throw the ziplock bags in the freezer now or the fridge or just leave them out on the counter somewhere?
i just leave mine in the cupboard. they are pretty safe no matter what you do, as long as your ziplock holds and doesn't get punctured to allow moisture in. but i'm no expert so don't listen to me