flavor Got my first box of hots today!

On Thursday, I had fantastic dm communication with Adam @awholtzapple about getting some peppers from him. He recognized the distance between us and said he would harvest Monday to ship out that day so the peppers dont sit at post office over a Sunday.

Mailed Monday, and I received today Wednesday. This a box of beauty, and many peppers I have no idea what they are so I will be spending time using my Google skills to learn.

I am going to try to show pics as I have time. I know I’m not ready for pepper name that contains, 7 pot, leviathan, scorpion, or chocolate anything.


My first pepper is the : Naga Smooky Rainbow. Paperwor said it’s about 30k SHU

Halving the pod released a hot smell stronger than jalapeño, I got a little scared.
I ate the skin and it tasted like a bell pepper, very flavorful. Then I got some of the pith on the next bite, boom! There is the heat coming on nicely. Not scary bad so a good first choice for me. Eating the pod burned the lips but not bad.

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Roger’s Giant Orange Hab

Juicy! Bite down and lots of juice squirts out. Very easy heat at first. But then
Three minutes later I notice I’m breathing with my mouth open because it’s hot and on fire! But it came on so under the radar slow I didn’t notice it happening. That’s a nice habanero flavor pepper.

Finished the hot pepper bunch, gone are the jabs, fatali, and scotch brains. Scotch brain yellow was a burst of citrus at first. I thought I ate a fresh lemon followed by nice heat. The scotch brain red was crisp like a snap pea and less flavorful compared to the yellow. I think Habs and scotch varieties will be my favorites, i like the flavor and heat level, but going to continue going thru the box.


Now stepping up to the super hots. Hallows eve 750k SHU and this little sucker isn’t messing around. Immediate fire on the mouth. Ouch, it was an angry pepper at first. Eating it raw felt like ants in my mouth for the first minute. Flavor come on a soon after the ants die. This is faster than coffee to wake up (I drive to work at 330am). I cooked breakfast with it and it was much better with food. But I had to go back and eat more, it was addictive. What a beautiful pepper.