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Gourd Goals

I will no longer be beholden to 'Big Sponge Corp'. 
I picked up some seeds for these as well! A friend of mine grew them this year and they nearly took over his yard. Climbed half way up his two story house. Hoping I can keep them cut back so they don't overtake what little yard we have.
Loofa.  I believe they a in the same family as cucumber and can be eaten when very young.  If you let them get old, they get too fibrous to eat but can be used as sponges.  
My first year growing.  Only one vine and put it in a grow bag.  It's a climber so needs a trellis.  
Here's a pic with the skin still on.  
A cool little video on how to harvest/process loofa. 
Hey Rick...thanks again for the seeds...I  have my seedlings ready to rock & roll but the nite time temp has been far from idea for these
heat loving loofa plants..but it's improving so I look forward to seeing some gourds in the near future..should be fun.
Sorry I haven't update my gourd happenings...like many here we have had our weather issues but nothing to cry about when I
see what others are experiencing near & far away...many locals  have lost  their crops d/t floods ...the temps have been all
over the the map from 40's to 90's F  add that to the rain & you can get the pixs.... an unstable growing enviro.
Here are a few of my loofah gourd plants...some of the flowers have fallen off when the temps dropped...but so far so good.
The first photo is when it was just starting to flower  ~ 1 mth ago or so and the latter are from the w/e ..so far the biggest are
about a ft long and will soon lighten up as they become dryer and then turn brown.
Given the scenario here  glad  to see them progress as growing them in not so ideal conditions is stretching it ...speaking of,
they are stretching onto my greenhouse so should have more...many in the works...I have ~5 big ones so far..it's lotsa
fun to grow these.
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Nice Wiri!
I just might give these a grow next year. Anybody know if deer or RABBITS favor these?