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Grass Snake 🐍 in the garden

Due to limited space I’ve cut back on growing peppers to make room for other types of plants. I’ve set up an aquaponics system that I’m still trying to tweak and figure out. So far it’s been a lot of work without much reward but it’s coming along. I planted three fig varieties so you’ll see a good amount of fig action in here. Hope you guys enjoy seeing my progress.
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This system could handle up to 50 Bluegill if I add more grow space to support that many fish. Right now I only have 7 fish in there.
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The major freeze in 2021 took out my 5+ year old rosemary bush on the east side of my house. Ever since it hasn’t been the same without that big fragrant bush. Finally I decided to replace it and add two more. Should’ve done this in the fall but gonna take a chance and put them in now. I just learned that Rosemary has a lot of medicinal benefits. For you superstitious folks, it also wards off evil or something like that. I just miss being able to go out and take a sprig for cooking, making tea or just enjoy the smell.
Nice. Those are very healthy looking little plants you have and it does add a nice smell to the garden. I didn't realize they were as cold sensitive as they are until I read your post. I have one in a pot and it got pretty beat up a couple winters ago when things got colder than usual. It's never fully rebounded.

Warding off evil is fine and well and all, but if they could ward off aphids...
Cool that you’re getting a aquaponics setup. Figs are good. We have a fig bush that is starting to produce nicely. In the fall, we get figs and I like this recipe I found where you slice them and warm them up on flatbread with apples, blue cheese, Parmesan cheese, and honey. Delicious.