pests Green bugs ID

Thanks to the exceptional weather over here in the Netherlands my plants are doing really well this year. I even have some ladybugs visiting to take care of the aphids that plagued me last year.
But now I am seeing some green bugs gathering on my plants and I wonder if they are harmful and if I should do something about them. The plants dont seem to be bothered a lot by them.
So what are these bugs and what should I do with them? Any help will be much appreciated!


And my grow in all its glory!

Or give them a spray with insecticidal soap. A small piece of castile soap blended with two cups of water and sprayed on the little bastards worked great for me. They were dead in seconds, and plants didn't seem to mind it at all.
I had some neem left so I sprayed the infected plants. The earlier aphids were much smaller, I could barely identify the individual bugs and the infected my plants much quicker. Didn't take photos of them unfortunately.
Now I just hope the lady bugs return to feast on any remaining aphids.