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“Green Grenade”

Hi there, first time visitor.

My favorite hot sauce, Dans Prime - Texas Dew Drops, is no longer being made. I have scoured the internet to try and determine what a South American green grenade pepper might be, but no luck so far. Is this perhaps an alternate name for another well known pepper? The ingredients simply say timely aged green grenade peppers and that they are from South American on the back of the bottle.

I have attempted to replicate the recipe using jalapeños and Serranos, but its just not hot enough or Im not doing something right. Any help is appreciated!
Here is the label:

looked for green grenade references in Spanish and Peruvian (grenada verde etc), not much to go on.
No idea! This sauce was made in Columbia (supposed to be Colombia I presume)... some Melinda's are made there and a few others... one I know uses Green Amazon peppers... that are from Colombia and similar to a hab. If you want to try this sauce it is this one: http://amzn.to/2AhpGQs
All I can think is, if Colombia is misspelled on the label, maybe also, a pepper got lost in translation or maybe some locals call a certain pepper a Grenade because it is bigger than normal, hotter than normal, or grenade shaped, but who knows? Since the one I linked to is from Colombia and uses green peppers maybe give it a go. It could even be the same co-packer and use the same peppers. Really similar: Green Amazon Pepper, Tumeric (Natural Color), Xanthan Gum, Vinegar, Sodium Bisulfate, and Sea Salt.
The Hot Pepper - thanks so much! Im going to give that sauce a go and Ill let you know.

Malarkey - unfortunately, Ive been down that road with no success. I hate to admit it, but I dove into who Dan was and there was a nasty divorce that ultimately killed the company. Jardine Foods I believe belongs to Dans former wife. Sorry, borderline obsession with this hot sauce.
hahaha wait. I was googling it too and someone asked how to contact Dan Jardine on the Jardine Foods FB, and they replied, Dan Jardine is not associated with Jardine Foods. Was that you? :P
Well, I tried a different route and came up with a hit. Dan Jardine now owns Texas Legend Foods. Ive emailed him directly. We will see where that goes.
I may have found the pepper. Did you have any luck with Texas Legend Foods and getting any feedback from Dan? I am also the one who posted on Jardines Facebook page 7 or so years ago.
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