greenhouse GreenHouse MegaStore and Fabric Pots

I've been hemming and hawing about ordering fabric pots and finally pulled the trigger, since they were offering free shipping for the next 3 days (on container supplies) and simply being unable to beat their price anywhere else. 
25x3gal for 25$ and 25x1gal for 14.50.
Still looking at Amazon for the 7 gallon fabric pots as I can't seem to beat 5 for 9$ deal. Anyone know of a better deal.. Including shipping?

Got the code for the free shipping offer right off Google. Code: CTT419
alkhall said:
I have puchased about 40 or so Boxer Brown  from GMS.
Best price I found.
Have you used the Root Pouch brand before? Just wondering if there was a substantial difference in the quality/performance. I didn't even realize they were different, outside of color, til you mentioned the brand name. 
This is my first real run with fiber pots so I was just going based on price.
I checked out some of the higher end fabric pots when a garden shop was going out of business. Might have been Root Pouch. They did not look any better than the cheapies i got off Amazon.
Oops now i remember they were Smart Pot brand. Hippy shops wanted about $7 a piece for them and they sure didnt look like they were worth that much to me.
If i was getting more i would go with tan though instead of black. The black gets really hot in direct sun.