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I want to learn about greenhouses. I am getting anxious, and my plants are getting to big for there spaces in my home. Anyone have any info on running a greenhouse in the winter ? I can't break the bank but do have an extra 750 or so coming mid march. Is it possible / worth it to rock a greenhouse this time of year where the high temp is mid 40s lows mid 30s ?

- Mega
I run my greenhouse through the winter. I haven't found the right formula to get great production of pods, but it works great for seedlings.

The Easy-Grow greenhouses are pretty good from what I hear, there are some essential modifications that need to be done, in my opinion, to make them great though.
Hey howard,

Whats up with running a hoop house through the winter. I like the sound of the DIY hoop house link. What do you do for heat source, do they trap enough heat on their own ? Do you run lighting in these things?

I rememebr years ago when I worked in a commerical opperation in CO we always turned on propane through some of the cooldest nights... man my girlfrien is going to kill me.

- Mega
Seems like you would want some big black water tanks at least to get some passive heating. After that, I wouldn't put a heater on until the interior temps were down below 40.

Another way to look at it: By the time you buy the greenhouse and propane, you could have bought more lights and paid the electric company to keep the plants happy in the house. Believe me, I'm anxious to turn the HID light and the CFLs off, they aren't cheap, but not anxious enough to spend more money for a greenhouse. :D
I have a small hoophouse I built with only around 50 bucks soil included only bad is you will need a heat source for night time but if you make a nice one it should cost you 300 max. With everything perfect