Greetings from the Columbia River Gorge

I am new to gardening (3rd year) but a long time lover of hot peppers. Last year was my first attempt at growing peppers and it honestly didn’t work out well. I live in Washington State in a small town on The Columbia River. This year I am moving the entire garden so as to get more hours of sunlight. I’m excited to learn from others here. I also joined a Facebook pepper lovers group but the focus there seems to be swapping seeds. I look forward to learning more from more experienced people here. P.S. My other obsession is tomatoes🍅
Right on, I'm not far from you, I live in or, and grow every year, there are a few of us here that can give tips just reach out... welcome from Beaverton OR right outside portland.
My other obsession is tomato growing
What types of tomatoes are you growing this year? 🍅
wow that's a fair few toms on the go.
Have to say I love a green zebra, unforch not growing any this year.
I do like the multi-coloured and blush varieties, they make a salad look interesting.
And I grow Rebel Star-Fighter for the flavour and stripes :lol:
Got Greff Anis, not sure if that's a peculiarly French type, but it's a monster when fully grown and is good for cooking with.

What will you do with all your tomatoes?

I make a very hot, zingy tomato and chilli pickle with most of mine
Yummy! You are having some very nice ones! I plan on giving away most to family and friends. I also work for State Government where much of what we do is administer the food benefit program. So, locally there are many lower income individuals and families that will benefit from my tomatoes that I will be donating so they can supplement their food purchases with some nice, fresh produce. This is particularly important this year due to food price inflationary pressures.
That's great. Most of my plants will be sold for charity
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